Legal Documentation and Compliance

Legal Case Management Advocate in Udaipur

Legal Documentation

MLA  help you in Drafting numerous legal documents which are crucial  and make the functioning of the individuals, business or organisation  effective for the present and the future. 

Service provided by our firm includes:
  • Agreements such as - Joint venture, Rent, Franchise, Policy, founder, loan, Non Disclosure, Non-Compete, service level, Vendor, Master service, Pre Nuptial, Surrogacy.
  • Gift deed.
  • Sale Deed
  • Will.
  • Memorandum Of Understanding.
  • Website/App.
  • Disclaimer Policy.
  • Legal Opinion.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Legal Compliance.
  • Notices such as - Dishonour of Cheque, Tenant Eviction, Consumer Dispute, and other such Notices.