Arbitration / Alternative Dispute Resolution

Consumer Court & Protection Lawyers in Udaipur

Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute resolution process. MLA  represent the clients in various ADR i.e arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Our firm assists clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices in a broad range of industrial sectors including Mining, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media, Banking and Finance, Insurance and Reinsurance, International Finance, Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Telecommunications, etc. We have a dedicated team of lawyers with specific expertise to meet our client's requirements and handle complex arbitration matters.

ADR provides a viable option for those who prefer to stay out of court and has many potential advantages for most litigants, including:

  • Reduced cost
  • Flexibility with rules and procedures
  • Less emotional stress
  • Efficient resolution
  • Control over the results

Services provided by our Firm include:

  • Conducting domestic arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996 and ICA rules
  • Rendering mediation services to clients
  • Enforcing and challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • Representing clients before High Courts and Supreme Court in arbitration petitions
  • Advising clients on the appropriate venue of arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law
  • Appointment of arbitrator through High Courts and Supreme Court of India
  • Representing clients before arbitral tribunals with regard to disputes arising out of agreements containing arbitration clause
  • Applying to stay proceedings brought in breach of arbitration clauses
  • Draft arbitration agreements and clauses
  • Advising clients and handling arbitration cases related to Commercial Contracts, Collaboration Disputes, Contractual Disputes, Construction Agreements, Service Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Supply Contracts, Marketing Agreements, Sale Agreements, etc.
  • Advising clients on conciliation and mediation matters
  • Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution laws and procedures
  • Conducting Lok Adalats with the concerned legal services authorities.